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Your company is experiencing high growth and that’s awesome! But with high growth often comes a whole new set of challenges that many business owners and managers aren’t quite prepared for. That’s when you need someone who’s been where you are and knows how to tackle these problems head-on and create solutions that will help move your company forward to greater growth and profitability!
You’ve come to the right place!“Brent’s expertise in the small/medium growth company sector has been invaluable to us … in this ever-changing complex business environment.”

“Brent Dicker has been a pleasure to work with the past 12 years. His expertise in the small/medium growth company sector has been invaluable to us here at McGriff Insurance in keeping our business owners updated in this ever-changing complex business environment. As the 5th largest corporate retail insurance brokerage globally, we rely on Navigator Solutions to keep us updated on changes in the corporate business environment. Brent goes above and beyond for us from a business standpoint. On a personal level, you will not find a more caring, down to earth individual. We love Brent and all his company stands for. We are looking forward to the continued partnership with Navigator Solutions LLC and Brent Dicker. ”
Ed Williard
Vice President
McGriff Insurance Services
Hi, I’m Brent …
I’d like to tell you a little about myself, so you’ll know how I came to be the person who can make a difference in your company.
Growing up a military brat and later serving in the US Navy myself, I’ve seen a lot of the world. I’ve lived in 4 countries and visited 25 more, and ran a successful business in South Africa in the 90’s.
As a young person, personal computers and I grew up together. Being a natural self-teacher, as PC’s developed, I learned all I could about them, thus applications became second nature to me. Business tech has been in my blood as long as I can remember! I’ve rarely met a problem I couldn’t find a solution to. In fact, I’ve sometimes been compared to a bulldog when it comes to finding business solutions, because I sink my teeth in and don’t let go!
Beginnings of Navigator Solutions LC
In 1991 I began to work as a freelance business consultant, which eventually developed into the forming of Navigator Solutions in 2011. This company is the culmination of my 40+ years working as an analyst, strategist, and business owner. With this experience, I am in the unique position of understanding the many disciplines of the manufacturing and small business scene and am able to communicate with everyone from the shop floor to the CEO, and beyond to attorneys, bankers, and accountants. It is my privilege to use my years of experience to help small and medium businesses face the challenges that so often come along with high growth.
Family Life …
I’ve been married to the love of my life for 25 years and have 8 incredible kids. Yeah. Eight! My wife has home schooled all of them from pre-k to high school graduation. Speaking of dealing with challenges, right?

Farm Livin’ …
Another fun fact – until recently we owned a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where we raised goats and chickens (and were known to occasionally take on cows, pigs, and sheep!). We also enjoyed raising Great Pyrenees, an amazing breed of livestock guardian dogs.
A lot of great family memories there!
But enough about me! Let’s talk about you!
It takes a special person (or team) with vision and high energy to create a fast-growing business, and I love learning about the uniqueness and challenges these companies face. Being able to offer a personalized, hands-on approach to solving those issues is one of the greatest parts of what I do. I often find we strike a perfect balance and symmetry as I use my no-nonsense business sense, skills, and experience in manufacturing to provide much-needed organizational and management support to your vision and incredible growth as a company. I can help you build on your successes and overcome the hurdles that may be keeping you from greater, more solid growth as a company. It’s what I love to do!
Give me a call today – I’d love to hear about your business, your successes, and the challenges you’re facing. Then we can get to work on the ideal solutions for your company!
Reach out to me directly via LinkedIn,
or call/txt 540-494-5651

Navigator Solutions empowers its partners with an understanding of the flow of information throughout their company and the value it has on impacting their success.

The Power of Information Flow

“See that the President, the Cabinet and staff are informed. If cut out of the information flow, their decisions may be poor, not made, or not confidently or persuasively implemented.”

Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense

“Information is power. But it is what you do with it, that either makes you great or diminishes you.”